Honey water

Our Honey Waters are made with quality Australian Manuka honey known to be rich in antibacterial properties. Sweetened by nature and made with love here in Australia with no nasty additives.


Meet the next-level summer vibes in a bottle and the sweetest of the bunch! Thanks to the fruity strawberries and sweet manuka honey that mingle perfectly in this hydrating refresher. Brimming with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties, it’s indeed a berry healthy treat!


Lemon’s brother from another mother, the ginger sibling without the carrot top. Instead replaced with that real ginger spice to compliment the zesty sweetness, it’s a healthy party in your mouth.


Perhaps the most universal homeopathic recipe known to man dating back to ancient times, a smooth lemon zest coupled with everyone’s favourite Manuka sweetness. No more sore throats!


Full of vibrant natural colours and perfumed aroma  derived solely from this heavenly combination of pomegranate, hibiscus and  Australian Manuka. Such inviting flavours resulting in perhaps the most  refreshing of our initial collection, perfect for those summer days.


Its not very often you see Blueberries in a beverage mainly due to their high price and low juice content. Need not worry, Edward’s health Co. have you covered with this blissful combination of Manuka and blueberry rich in vitamins and antioxidants.