Our premium manuka honey that hails from the native forests of Australia and New Zealand is 100% chemical & pesticide-free. Each batch is scientifically and stringently tested for MGO (methylglyoxal) potency, quality, and purity to guarantee a chock-full of unique properties and health perks.

Only 1 ingredient — 100% real deal Australian Manuka Honey



MGO 30+, 100+, 250+, 500+

Australia – the original home of leptospermum plant family.

MGO100+, 250+, 500+, our potent and high-grade line-up AKA ourantibacterial superstars. Loaded with naturally-occurring antibacterial,antimicrobial, antiviral and bacterial-resistant properties, they’re your go-toand sought-after natural remedies for (almost) anything from top to toe.

Thanks to a heap of scientific research and studies, manuka honey has been proven to soothe sore throats, heal minor and chronic wounds, clear up skin issues, boost immunity and gut health and the list keeps growing.

Fun ideas: Use our high-grade manuka honey to supercharge your smoothies, granola, rolls, drinks (& more!), or simply enjoy by the spoon.


MGO 30+, 100+, 250+, 500+

Unlock nature’s sweetest treasure and discover the liquid gold of Mother Nature!

Our Creamed Manuka Honey is a true gift from the lush landscapes of New Zealand. Renowned for its exceptional quality and unparalleled health benefits. Our Manuka Honey is meticulously crafted to maintain its creamy consistency, creating a delectable, spreadable honey that’s perfect for any occasion.

Whether you seek a delicious culinary experience or a natural remedy for various ailments, this golden elixir offers an array of uses and health- boosting properties that have been cherished for generations.