An entrepreneur from an early age, Ian brings 11 years of leadership experience across multiple industries, geographies and scales of businesses. Along with his background in Fashion, Hospitality and Exports, he has gained boundless experience in building a mission-driven business from the ground up. Add his passion for health and wellness into the mix, the result is Edward’s Health Co., an innovative and boutique health beverage company creating Australian-made world-first products, from nature’s best ingredients for health-conscious consumers around the globe.

As head honcho, Ian enjoys analysing and improving processes, discovering market gaps and trends, creating efficient strategies, whilst setting and hitting targets. As a grounded and intuitive leader,  Ian is a firm believer in doing business for the greater good and that passion breeds success. Outside of the office, Ian enjoys working on his golf game, his Federer-inspired backhand, yoga poses his flexibility prevents and staying up late to cheer on Manchester United.



Mary is an admin assistant and social media manager. After teaching for 7 years, she decided to go behind-the-scenes and explore her prowess on business and administration. Drawn to supporting others, her passion is assisting heart-centred entrepreneurs and small business owners create more time to spend on the most important tasks in their business whilst making a dent in the world. She has flexed her muscles on customer service, admin support, marketing, content creation and everything in between at Edward’s Health Co. and continues to shine as her role grows. During her free time, she usually has her nose in a suspense or inspirational book, hand lettering, or nerding on nutrition.

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We only use the best natural ingredients and traditional homeopathic recipes designed to heal the body and nourish the soul.