Our Iced Teas are made with quality Australian Manuka honey known to be rich in antibacterial properties PLUS prebiotic for gut health. Sweetened by nature and made with love here in Australia with no nasty additives.


Chrysanthemum + Prebiotic

Whether you’re winding down after a long day or reaching for a refresher at 3pm, zen out with the soothing and floral aroma of our Chrysanthemum Iced Tea. We’ve also taken the simplicity and mildness of chrysanthemum tea to the next level by blending it with manuka honey and prebiotic packed with impressive and unique health benefits. Healthy (and relaxing) hydration sorted!

Black Tea & Yuzu + Prebiotic

Pep up with the bold and aromatic mashup of citrusy yuzu and malty flavour of black tea naturally sweetened by Australian manuka honey. The distinct tart punch of yuzu that cuts through the dark earthy flavour of black tea offers a healthy dose of pucker that can surely brighten your day. Get ready to chugalug some powerful antioxidants, prebiotic and vitamins, too!